Colostrum management and hygiene: the most important factors

At birth a calf receives no antibodies from the mother. This is also true of foals, lambs, kids and piglets. For these animals there is no transfer of antibodies through the mother’s blood, via the placenta, to her young.

For this reason, high quality colostrum fed within 6 hours of birth is crucial for the ongoing good health of a young animal. Colostrum is fed at an approximate calculation of 10% of the body weight. For a 40 kg calf, at least 4 litres of colostrum should be given within 6 hours of birth. Both the protein and immunoglobulin content of this colostrum should be as high as possible.

VaccaCol® contains no IBR antibodies. It is spray-dried 12-hour colostrum, made with the highest amount of antibodies and proteins.  

100 grams of VaccaCol® is the equivalent of 500 ml of 12-hour colostrum. A calf with a 40 kg birth weight should therefore be given 1600 grams of VaccaCol® powder, when colostrum is not available from the mother.

VaccaCol® is also perfect as a supplement and will increase the quality of the mother’s colostrum. Add VaccaCol® powder to the mother’s colostrum until the immunoglobulin levels are higher than 30%.

A second important factor is that of hygiene. Always wear clean shoes or boots and overalls, and always wash your hands before coming into contact with the calf.